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StickBuddyâ„¢ Lint and Pet Roller

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Remove Dust and Dirt

The StickBuddy™ protects your lungs and health by removing contaminants from your clothes, furniture, and other surfaces. Pick up small particles of debris, dust, pollen, and other microscopic dander that cause allergies or respiratory problems.

Pet fur carries tons of pollutants that are harmful to our lungs. The StickBuddy™ significantly protects you from particles that live on the hairs of your cats, dogs, and other pets.

No More Pet Hairs

Perfect for Pet Owners: If you have a furry friend at home, the StickBuddy™ is a lifesaver. Use it to quickly remove pet hair from your clothes, furniture, bed, blankets, and carpets. It's also gentle enough to use on your pet's fur if they have a small area that needs tidying up.

Keep Clothes Looking Fresh

The StickBuddy™ makes sprucing up your clothes a breeze. A few quick minutes of using the StickBuddy™ will make your clothes look fresh and clean. Remove dirt, debris, or even food particles from your clothes in an instant.

Convenient For Travel Use

Whether you're going on a business trip or a vacation, the StickBuddyâ„¢ is the perfect travel companion. It's small, lightweight, and easy to pack, so you can keep your clothes looking fresh and clean no matter where you go.

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StickBuddyâ„¢ Lint and Pet Roller

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